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Blooming in the dark

FINALLY. Moved, so let's get moving!

Hokay, so.

Finally I am moved, settled, and have the time to work on this shizzle.

1) What weekend is LARP for some folks? Like, give me the next couple of dates.
2) Whatever weekend it is, we'll get the game started on opposing weekends.
3) This means you have either two or three weeks to get your character done, and your intro started.

Intros so far:
Cardiff Team
Annelie Liljedahl (in progress)
Lyssa (done)
Tara McLeod (done)
Terry Barth (in progress)

Edinburgh Team
Isabeau d'Orleans (done?)
Sebastien d'Orleans (in progress)
Kostandin Livadaki (done)
Ratnapriya Choudhry (in progress)
Maria Brandi (done)

If your name isn't there, you must ping me sometime before the end of the month -- February 28 -- or I'm going to assume that you're not going to make it for the first couple sessions. Which is cool, it's fine! But.

And, um, when I was uber tired the other day someone told me they were switching nights... and... who was it? Hehe.

So, yes. Hurray!
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Next Saturday LARP for me is March 3rd, and it's on a fortnightly basis atm.

Isabeau is...done if we're not going to post her leaving France and arriving in Edinburgh, in progress if we are going to do that. I'm quite happy either way, with work finishing and uni starting I'm well and truly around enough to continue and finish her thread over the next few days.
Looks like March 9 and 11 (my time) will be the start dates, barring anyone massively protesting.
Did you get my email with the c-sheet?

I hadn't heard anything, but then again, I don't know where you might have sent the reply..
I don't remember getting it, nope! I'd recommend you put the sheet on googledocs or google's spreadsheet -- I'm gonna want a version that way anyway.
That's the is on google spreadsheets. You should have gotten the email with it on 2/11. Of course, I sent it to, so I don't know where that links to.

If all else fails, I can resend it.
Ah yes!, por favor, the livejournal one hates me, I've discovered.
It looks like my new job might make me work until 6 central on Sundays, so I'll probably have to switch to Fridays. I play Maria.
Kayo! Was it you that said something before? Because lord in heaven, I was halfway to dreamland.
Yeah, that was me!