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Blooming in the dark

A few numbers.

Hey, y'all!

We're getting close to gearing things up. Many of y'all are intro'ed or darn close to being there. Those who still need intros, please to be pestering me!

I start my new job tomorrow (EEE!) and after a day or two I'll know if we can start as soon as everyone is introed, or if we'll need to wait until I move (which one be more than a week or two).

Since I didn't have the numbers for beginning Willpower, Reknown, Gnosis and Rage when I helped some of you make characters, I've typed them up and put them below.

Beginning Willpower: (Maximum beginning Willpower of 6)

Black Fury : 3
Bone Gnawer : 4
Child of Gaia : 4
Fianna : 3
Get of Fenris : 3
Glass Walker : 3
Red Talons : 3
Shadow Lord : 3
Silent Strider : 3
Silver Fang : 3
Stargazer : 5
Uktena : 3
Wendigo : 4

Beginning Renown:

Ahroun : 2 Glory, 1 Honor
Galliard : 2 Glory, 1 Wisdom
Philodox : 3 Honor
Theurge : 3 Wisdom
Ragabash : 3 in any combination


Ahroun : 5
Galliard : 4
Philodox : 3
Theurge : 2
Ragabash : 1


Homid : 1
Metis : 3
Lupus : 5
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Totally OT...

But OMG that icon is made of win, can I steal it?
Hee, absolutely! I did, hehe.
I am hypnotised by that icon, and also want to steal it.
Go for it! Hehe.