Blooming in the dark (knitmeapony) wrote in taleoftwoteams,
Blooming in the dark

Recruitment: Isabeau d'Orleans

The manor house was easy to find, and so that's where she was found; Gillian carefully came in the late-afternoon, when there was no possibility of her getting caught out on the manor after sunset.

She was wearing her Sunday best, as if that were important; an odd dress of pale peach, marked with details in vivid green, a belt like vines and tight tight cuffs at the wrists, her hair done up in lovely if elaborate braids. She even found a hat to match, a small pillbox that perches up among the braids like a bird in a nest.

Well, she tried.

There's a canvas backpack over one shoulder, spoiling the effect a bit as well, and her shoes while neat are showing signs of wear from all the walking. She rings the bell and waits patiently, rehearsing a sentence in awkward French that she'd learned by the syllable.
Tags: edinburgh, intros, rp
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