Blooming in the dark (knitmeapony) wrote in taleoftwoteams,
Blooming in the dark

Recruitment: Sébastien d'Orléans

She found him at the County freehold; the local court was held once a month, and it was small. Usually the same people, over and over again. Usually, it was a dull affair, which suited the Count of the area quite well.

Strangers still caused gossip, and this one was no exception. She was a slight girl, too old to be a wilder and yet a wilder she was. A troll, built just a bit large than any of the other women here, and speaking not a lick of French. Word reached Sebastien's ears that she was looking for him, and that the boggans had bustled her off to a corner with a cup of tea.
Tags: edinburgh, intros, rp
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