February 23rd, 2007


FINALLY. Moved, so let's get moving!

Hokay, so.

Finally I am moved, settled, and have the time to work on this shizzle.

1) What weekend is LARP for some folks? Like, give me the next couple of dates.
2) Whatever weekend it is, we'll get the game started on opposing weekends.
3) This means you have either two or three weeks to get your character done, and your intro started.

Intros so far:
Cardiff Team
Annelie Liljedahl (in progress)
Lyssa (done)
Tara McLeod (done)
Terry Barth (in progress)

Edinburgh Team
Isabeau d'Orleans (done?)
Sebastien d'Orleans (in progress)
Kostandin Livadaki (done)
Ratnapriya Choudhry (in progress)
Maria Brandi (done)

If your name isn't there, you must ping me sometime before the end of the month -- February 28 -- or I'm going to assume that you're not going to make it for the first couple sessions. Which is cool, it's fine! But.

And, um, when I was uber tired the other day someone told me they were switching nights... and... who was it? Hehe.

So, yes. Hurray!

Recruitment: Ratnapriya Choudhry

The dish washer at the restaurant was an utter gossip, and odd as hell to boot. She had a raccoon she fed off the back stoop when the boss wasn't looking, and friends just everywhere in the city, and there was this kid who'd run by and chitter nonsense and she'd pass her food, just like the raccoon. She was round and cheery and got the work done fast and well, so she just never really got fired, no matter how many canollis disappeared out the back door.

She'd been sick the last week, though, and a friend of hers came in to do her job so she wouldn't lose her job. An older man, and cranky, and he'd kept an odd eye on Ratnapriya this week. He was leatherfaced, ancient and Scotish, and he went by Dougal and nothing more.

When she went out back on one of her breaks, he followed, and packed his pipe from the stoop. "Ye got a light, lass?"