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A Tale of Two Teams -- Dear, Sweet WTF.'s Journal
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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

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Hey, punk_rock_nerd, merinnan (and anyone else who's west of Pacific Time):

What timezone are you in, compared to CST or GST? I think you're six hours off from me, but I'm not sure.

Also, what time on Friday would be best, either in your time or CST? My guess is around 11 or midnight CST (which I think would be starting 5PM or 6PM your time.)
Rules, creation, all that stuff.
There is a LOT of info here. Please read through everything, don't just skim it.

Please email your character sheets to rpg@knitmeapony.com (unless you've already given it to me) by Friday. I have an Excel-style sheet that you can find here on Google Spreadsheets. I'd like to use Google to keep track of everything -- so if you want to convert your sheet to that format, it'd be GRAND. If not, I'll do it no prob.

The Friday group will be the Edinburgh team. The Sunday group will be the Cardiff team. Please note this is a swap from the original. If you don't want to have this group on your friends page, please bookmark the appropriate tag and check at least a couple times a week.

WoD Virgins/newbies, please read meCollapse )

A few notes on building characters: everyone, read me.Collapse )

Notes on ExperienceCollapse )

And finally, I need three things from each of youCollapse )

Questions? Comments?

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