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Rules, creation, all that stuff.

There is a LOT of info here. Please read through everything, don't just skim it.

Please email your character sheets to (unless you've already given it to me) by Friday. I have an Excel-style sheet that you can find here on Google Spreadsheets. I'd like to use Google to keep track of everything -- so if you want to convert your sheet to that format, it'd be GRAND. If not, I'll do it no prob.

The Friday group will be the Edinburgh team. The Sunday group will be the Cardiff team. Please note this is a swap from the original. If you don't want to have this group on your friends page, please bookmark the appropriate tag and check at least a couple times a week.

For the new folk:
If you've never made a WoD character before, please ping me on any IM (knitmeapony) or when I'm in the IRC channel. I will cheerfully step by step you through the process. Note I will NOT take you through spending your freebies or doing merits and flaws right now; it's best you get a sense of the game before spending them.

If new folk can stick around after the first session, I will have a little brief tutorial on 'advancing your character: how to spend your freebies and experience points', as well as 'merits and flaws: what they are and how the GM will use them to make your life interesting'.

For everyone:
Because you never know how your character is going to shuffle out, and I like giving my players enough rope to hang yourself with, I'm offering the following:

- You may bank as many of your freebies as you like. After the first session, you may spend them as freebies. Once the second session has started, they're converted to experience points.

- After either of the first two sessions, you may have ONE reshuffle of Gifts or Arts/Realms. You may do this ONCE only, it can't be during play, and you can't dump anything you've already used.

- Either before or after the first session, I want to do a one-on-one RP with you to establish the NPCs that you've got on your sheet, as well as any other Happy Fun Time Background Info, and also to get a sense of what you want to do with the character. Once the one on one RP and the first session have passed, I'll be giving you an XP bonus (I'm not sure how much yet, but more than an average session).

Notes on XP:
Everyone will get 1 experience point per session just for showing up and participating.
You may get 1 more experience point for good RP - that is, you were engaged for the whole session.

You may also, once per session, get up to 2 more XP from any the following:
1 exp for submitting downtime actions or doing a downtime RP with me.

1 exp for a detailed 'character journal' posted to the comm, summarizing the session in your character's voice.

1 exp for a fic written about your character that sheds some light on them, posted to the comm or sent to me if it contains sensitive information.

1 exp for any other art that you create for your character -- image manips, music, painting, so on. I'm the final arbiter of what counts to get you the exp.

You may also, once per character, get the following:

2 exp for a background written between 2 and 5 pages. (You may write more, but it may take me a long time to read).

1 exp for fleshing out the people in your character's history, minimum of 3 people. (1/2 page for backgrounds or Very Important folks who aren't on your sheet, 1 page for merits/flaws including WHY they're a merit or flaw.) Note some merits and flaws that aren't 'people' may qualify for this. See me for details.

Spending the experience
All standard costs apply. One caveat -- you must prove to me your character has actually earned what you want to buy.

I must have your expenditures at least 24 hours before the session starts.

I need this:
Comment below to let me know what email address you want me to use to give you access to your character sheet.

Comment below to let me know about how you see the team: is it well-funded as a whole with good equipment or are you broke and everything's personal and jury-rigged (note funding may come with a price)? Is it a career or a full-time hobby (ie, do members get paid somehow or do you all have day jobs)? And is it covert, or is it an 'open secret'?

And comment below if you think the groups should have a common goal/be connected, or if you think the two games should start with no IC connections.

Questions? Comments?
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Deleted comment

Easily done with both. Adding you to the sheet now.
My email is

Honestly, even if the team isn't a career, the group will be ridiculously well funded, so I'm open to the idea of Personal Funded-Full Time Hobby.

I think I'd personally like to see it as personally-funded career.

I'm going to go with there possibly being links between the two groups, as organised by players (Hey, you're my ex-girlfriend, ormy best friend from high school, or my worst enemy. WTF is going on here?)
Noted on all counts! I'll get you access to a sheet.
My thoughts:

email address -

I will have a sheet for you by tomorrow, I think. Still fleshing out my Fianna Galliard some.

I would lean more toward not-well funded, or at least modestly funded, and covert, though not so covert that other local supernaturals might not have a whiff of it. Like, Garou in the know, or some local Elders might have a fairly good idea of what's going on, but most folks either have no clue or only an inkling. That lets you play both sides of the coin - "I know what you kids are up to" and "You're doing WHAT now?"

I think a common goal would be interesting - especially if neither group knows the other is after the same goal. That is, nothing in common to begin with, but at least a pretty damn good reason to join forces or compete if it presented itself.
Sent you a link to a Google doc for your character sheet.

All the rest noted! Thanks!

Deleted comment

Got it, and sent you the sheet (as you know, hehe) is my email address.

I see them pretty decently funded. Career, at least for my character. I'm not really sure about covert vs. open.

Player links or a common goal could be good?
Got it and sent you the sheet!
My email is

Our group is, as Pinky said, going to be well-funded regardless. I'm leaning towards full-time hobby, simply because that's what'll fit my character best, but if possible perhaps a mix of full-time hobby and career? Or possibly even career that can blend full-time and part-time (so some of us still have large time commitments outside this, but this is still our job?)

I think an open secret, but one that only the basics are 'open,' not the details.

IC connections are always good, but the PCs don't have to know about those IC connections until they turn up...
Got it, and can't wait to see y'alls sheet to see how they're funded, hehe.
Email address: lunarendeavor(at)gmail(dot)com.

As for the team's funding: I'd like to see them moderately-funded but not able to afford everything, i.e. having to get creative every now and then. It's just more entertaining that way at times. For Kos, it doesn't matter much either way if this is career or a hobby, since he's doing it on someone else's dime no matter what. As for the last, like we talked about, I'm up for it being covert but for them pretending as though it is an open secret. ("Special ops, you know!")

As someone else said, common ties are good but it'd be fun if they didn't know about those right off the bat.
Hee, got it and I'm seeing a consensus! Sent you a sheet.
My email address is:

I think I'd most like to see a highly secretive, well funded (or at least moderately funded) career style group. The bad guys might have heard of us, but the majority of people won't have, and we should try to maintain that. I think that would be great for rp purposes, because we'd have to smooth-talk our way out of situations, explain things and cover stuff up.

Maybe a connection to each other with no IC knowledge? Like, the characters won't know of each other at all, but maybe they work for the same company?

Once again, I'm *REALLY* sorry I'm a little behind, my internet seems to choose the worst times to crap out on me.
Noted on all counts. I'm sending you a character sheet -- it's kind of both types of sheets mashed together.

I can't remember, did you need help making the character?
My email is Sorry to be so late with this.

It looks like career, moderately funded is the consensus and I could work with that. I like the idea of the group being covert, though, and for each of the groups to be connected, but for the players not to know what those connections are.

Also, I don't have access to the source material in a way that makes character creation anything but tedious. I don't really need you to explain stuff, but I would like some help with the making of the character.
You are already forgiven! I will cheerfully step you through the process -- grab me on IRC at some point and we'll do it the easy way!
Emailsies: princesscombatboot at hotmail dot com :)

Teamstuffs: I'm easy, given the idea we were bouncing in my journal ("...not only is that pole not supposed to be there, but it's REALLY bloody big...")

A note: The Goodle Sheetstuff I can't access at leJob :(
Also..I may or may not be able to do anything this Sunday unless it's later (probably about 9ish your time), but I could probably be ready to do a one-on-one to at least try to put the poor bugger in the Right Place at the Right Time.

*now utilizing the Hammer and the Crowbar, with the Maglite strapped to her forehead*