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A Tale of Two Teams -- Dear, Sweet WTF.'s Journal
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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in A Tale of Two Teams -- Dear, Sweet WTF.'s LiveJournal:

Friday, February 23rd, 2007
8:38 pm
Recruitment: Ratnapriya Choudhry
The dish washer at the restaurant was an utter gossip, and odd as hell to boot. She had a raccoon she fed off the back stoop when the boss wasn't looking, and friends just everywhere in the city, and there was this kid who'd run by and chitter nonsense and she'd pass her food, just like the raccoon. She was round and cheery and got the work done fast and well, so she just never really got fired, no matter how many canollis disappeared out the back door.

She'd been sick the last week, though, and a friend of hers came in to do her job so she wouldn't lose her job. An older man, and cranky, and he'd kept an odd eye on Ratnapriya this week. He was leatherfaced, ancient and Scotish, and he went by Dougal and nothing more.

When she went out back on one of her breaks, he followed, and packed his pipe from the stoop. "Ye got a light, lass?"
8:08 pm
FINALLY. Moved, so let's get moving!
Hokay, so.

Finally I am moved, settled, and have the time to work on this shizzle.

1) What weekend is LARP for some folks? Like, give me the next couple of dates.
2) Whatever weekend it is, we'll get the game started on opposing weekends.
3) This means you have either two or three weeks to get your character done, and your intro started.

Intros so far:
Cardiff Team
Annelie Liljedahl (in progress)
Lyssa (done)
Tara McLeod (done)
Terry Barth (in progress)

Edinburgh Team
Isabeau d'Orleans (done?)
Sebastien d'Orleans (in progress)
Kostandin Livadaki (done)
Ratnapriya Choudhry (in progress)
Maria Brandi (done)

If your name isn't there, you must ping me sometime before the end of the month -- February 28 -- or I'm going to assume that you're not going to make it for the first couple sessions. Which is cool, it's fine! But.

And, um, when I was uber tired the other day someone told me they were switching nights... and... who was it? Hehe.

So, yes. Hurray!
Thursday, February 15th, 2007
11:21 am
Recruitment: Annelie Liljedahl
It's four-forty-five in the morning. The main adjectives here are dark and cold, with a side order of damp. The night's been particularly heavy this winter -- they've just felt longer than most years. An odd tension in the air. It's enough to make an excitable person wonder what's coming.

There's a scratching at Annelie's door, a very soft sound, like mice. Except the pattern keeps changing, and anyone focusing would slowly start to recognize the different patterns. Giddyup, giddyup, giddyup let's go... then shave and a hair cut... and then tea, for two, and two, for tea...
Sunday, February 4th, 2007
3:02 pm
Recruitment: Lyssa
One of the nice things about the Caern of Lost Sight was the bawn -- the sacred space around the source itself -- abutted against the back of an ancient pub. The Skirrid Mountain Inn had been put up hundreds of years ago by a few enterprising Fianna, and it'd been run by the same families ever since.

The crowd alternates, night by night -- most Fridays are full of tourists and musicians. Saturdays are a mixed crowd, but by Sunday it's all locals again, humans with the stones to make it their local, kinfolk and of course most members of the sept. Even Wednesday and Thursday, there's plenty of locals about, drawn in by a couple of specials and some live music.

But Mondays, Tuesdays, the locals know enough to stay away. Even the drunks find an excuse to drink at home. The Garou socialize those days, and they're free to talk as they like. There are all sorts of little added security added those days -- mirrors are covered, even the glasses are frosted. The shutters are closed.

This Tuesday was just like any other, to start. There was a small group of elders in one corner, shooing off anyone who got too close and talking in low voices. Tables had been pushed out of the way away from the bar, and a group of cubs -- none older than sixteen -- had a little music turned up and were sitting on the floor, playing cards and occasionally getting into fights. In between, garou were socializing, gossip was being passed, all the rest. ANd Lyssa... Lyssa was?
2:45 pm
A few numbers.
Hey, y'all!

We're getting close to gearing things up. Many of y'all are intro'ed or darn close to being there. Those who still need intros, please to be pestering me!

I start my new job tomorrow (EEE!) and after a day or two I'll know if we can start as soon as everyone is introed, or if we'll need to wait until I move (which one be more than a week or two).

Since I didn't have the numbers for beginning Willpower, Reknown, Gnosis and Rage when I helped some of you make characters, I've typed them up and put them below.

The NumbersCollapse )
Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
11:26 am
Recruitment: Isabeau d'Orleans
The manor house was easy to find, and so that's where she was found; Gillian carefully came in the late-afternoon, when there was no possibility of her getting caught out on the manor after sunset.

She was wearing her Sunday best, as if that were important; an odd dress of pale peach, marked with details in vivid green, a belt like vines and tight tight cuffs at the wrists, her hair done up in lovely if elaborate braids. She even found a hat to match, a small pillbox that perches up among the braids like a bird in a nest.

Well, she tried.

There's a canvas backpack over one shoulder, spoiling the effect a bit as well, and her shoes while neat are showing signs of wear from all the walking. She rings the bell and waits patiently, rehearsing a sentence in awkward French that she'd learned by the syllable.
Monday, January 29th, 2007
11:43 pm
Recruitment: Sébastien d'Orléans
She found him at the County freehold; the local court was held once a month, and it was small. Usually the same people, over and over again. Usually, it was a dull affair, which suited the Count of the area quite well.

Strangers still caused gossip, and this one was no exception. She was a slight girl, too old to be a wilder and yet a wilder she was. A troll, built just a bit large than any of the other women here, and speaking not a lick of French. Word reached Sebastien's ears that she was looking for him, and that the boggans had bustled her off to a corner with a cup of tea.
10:43 pm
Recruitment: Maria Brandi
The day at the museum went as it usually does -- quietly, easily. For one reason or another, Maria's the last to leave; she's got keys to lock up and the code to the alarm, after all, so whatever projects she gets interested in she can see through to the end.

When she turns around, there's a raccoon on the sidewalk. It's holding up a little sign written on an index card.

Come with Me
I have Candy
1:16 pm
Recruitment: Kostandin Livadaki
All's quiet in Maine. For once, nothing's risen up out of the deep to drown the fair holdings of Drowned Mountain -- a satyr remarked they should have a sign, 'proudly X days since the last citizen eaten' -- and people are settling into a routine.

The winter's even been mild, and all seems well, which should have been Kos's first sign.

"Kostandin!" No one's yet figured out how the good Baron Marcus has rigged it, but somehow he can stick his head out of the library and roar a name loud enough to echo right out to the shore. "Now!"

Let us translate from Marcus's personal language to English: Pardon, Kos, may I have the pleasure of your company? I have something important to tell you.
Sunday, January 28th, 2007
11:58 pm
Recruitment: Tara McLeod
When Tara gets home -- from wherever, from whatever, no matter how early or late -- there's a man sitting on the porch of her apartment building. He's one of those people who must be younger than they seem -- his face says forty but his body says twenty. Not uncommon among wolves, really.

There are two unique things about him. One, to say he reeked of breeding, one way or another, would be an understatement. Something about the way he moves radiates his heritage. Two, though he's neatly blindfolded he seems to be able to see without trouble -- at the very least, he pricks up as she approaches and stands steadily. Perhaps he's merely used to being blind.

"I hope," he says, "that you had no plans tonight."
6:08 pm
CHARACTER SHEEEEEEEEEETS and sorta a beginning
Yo, folks. I know things are rough at the mo' for many of you, but if you could please give me an update on the status of your character sheets if you haven't, already.

Those of you I owe lessons to, please ping ME, don't wait for the other way 'round. I have a tough time remembering who needs what, and I'm still working on matching IRC names to LJ/AIM names.

For those of you who HAVE gotten me sheets (or at least started) -- I count eight, four in each team, so even if no one else has time to get sheets you lot are plenty to start with -- it's time to start gearing up your characters.

What I'd like to do is get an RP scene together where your character gets recruited into the organization. We can do this however you want -- tagging on a post here in the comm, in IRC or on one IM or another, or even via email. Drop me a line and let me know.

For those who are wondering: the organizations will be entirely covert as far as the mundane community is concerned. Some supernatural types may have heard of them, in some fashion, but will know next to nothing. Both organizations will be career orgs -- that is to say, in some fashion they will provide everything you need to live.

Note I said 'In some fashion'. Mwahaha.

Anyway, in terms of when the first 'real' session will be, I'm not sure yet. As all of you know I start a new job a week from Monday, so it won't be next weekend. As soon as I've done the commute one day, I'll be able to let you know how the rest is gonna run and if we can start right away in february or if I have to have a little time to find my new apartment.

And as always, open floor for questions or comments.
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
11:51 am
reddheart, merinnan, peterpanser please go vote on the polls. Even if you're not sure you're going to be able to make some or even most of the sessions, I want to get a sense of who MIGHT be where.

Everyone else, please go here and confirm you voted for the correct day.
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
12:20 pm
Rules, creation, all that stuff.
There is a LOT of info here. Please read through everything, don't just skim it.

Please email your character sheets to rpg@knitmeapony.com (unless you've already given it to me) by Friday. I have an Excel-style sheet that you can find here on Google Spreadsheets. I'd like to use Google to keep track of everything -- so if you want to convert your sheet to that format, it'd be GRAND. If not, I'll do it no prob.

The Friday group will be the Edinburgh team. The Sunday group will be the Cardiff team. Please note this is a swap from the original. If you don't want to have this group on your friends page, please bookmark the appropriate tag and check at least a couple times a week.

WoD Virgins/newbies, please read meCollapse )

A few notes on building characters: everyone, read me.Collapse )

Notes on ExperienceCollapse )

And finally, I need three things from each of youCollapse )

Questions? Comments?
11:28 am
Hey, punk_rock_nerd, merinnan (and anyone else who's west of Pacific Time):

What timezone are you in, compared to CST or GST? I think you're six hours off from me, but I'm not sure.

Also, what time on Friday would be best, either in your time or CST? My guess is around 11 or midnight CST (which I think would be starting 5PM or 6PM your time.)
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
11:33 pm
11:15 pm
Poll #911476 When are you going to play?

I will be on the:

Sunday (day) team [1 - 6 PM CST (11 - 4 PST, 7- midnight GST)]
Friday (night) team [something that'd be a good time for aussies,, someone comment below]

Please vote here! I may discuss a change with you if the teams don't balance, but for now ignore the numbers and vote for your preference.
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